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What Do I Charge as a Performer and Why?


What you charge to perform is a huge topic and one that can be confusing.  As a Specialty Act in Las Vegas for corporate events, I have great insight on this subject.  People call and ask me what I want to make, and if I answer wrong and charge too much I can lose the job, likewise if I charge to little I can lose the job, but the biggest concern are those who undercut other artist's pricing to get the job.  It hurts you and the industry.  Let me tell you the various reasons why.  


First consider this. When you get a job, you are making a connection and it's hopefully a connection that will bring you more and more jobs in the future.  As gig workers we meet a lot of connections.  We have to make sure those connections continue to thrive and bring us work because that results in more and more connections and more work in the future.  

Levels of talent

Here's something to consider and why it gets confusing.  All of us are...

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