Check out my backstage movie! This video explains how you can see my free movie from backstage in a production show with me, Actress, Singer, Dancer Coty Alexander. It might help you rid some of your fears if you know what to expect when you get into a show or decide to audition or star in a production.


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See behind the scenes in a production show.

Go Backstage with Coty

Is Yo Biz Sho Biz?


If Showbiz is your business, but you're just starting out, you probably want to know if you'll be able to make money doing it, make it a career, and live your dream. Do you want to know if you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes?

Have you ever had Stage Fright, anxiety and fear?  Have you ever felt insecure, afraid to audition, or meet new people? Are you curious what goes on in a real production show where 100's of people are paying to see you?

Everyone has fears of the unknown, but how do you move forward?

Every day, people are struggling with fear and anxiety, even those you think are not.  In fact many people only feel more comfortable in a situation when they have done the thing many times.



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