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5- 10 lessons per module designed to take 6 weeks.  Don't worry about time. You'll have access to the full course on video in your library at, and you're welcome to go at your own pace.

I wrote this course because I love teaching and educating, and I'm a full-time performer who had Stage Fright and anxiety for 8 years in a show that I did nightly. I battled it every day, and each day learned how to cope.  So, not only do I have those tips for you now, but I also got rid of it once and for all.  Many years ago, I figured out what was causing my stage fright. It made so much sense that the Stage Fright turned off and never returned when I realized it. I had connected with it, understood it, and it was gone.

Since then, as a performer, I have told many people how to conquer their Stage Fright, and it helped. With a Master of Science degree in Education, I decided to write this course to help you find the reasons for YOUR Stage Fright, so you can start to do things you want to do without the fear and anxiety holding you back from doing it.

I've created easy-to-use tools, formulas, workbooks, and assessments that help you build skills to ward off stage fright while also learning where your expectations lie and what your beliefs are about the outcome.  These thoughts can be causes of stage fright. As a bonus, I've included My preparedness guide for you to download and use for each time you perform to learn about you and your audience to relieve your stage fright.

The course is always available to you online, and yes, there is an app for that.  It's called Kajabi, and you'll be able to access your courses there upon sign-in, and you'll be able to learn by either watching the videos or reading the text on your phone or your computer.  It's your preference.  Then, you can always come back to the course for a refresher because it remains in your library of products at

The syllabus is as follows:

  • Week One - The Essentials
  • Week Two - Preparedness
  • Week Three - Get Inspired
  • Week Four - Get Informed
  • Week Five - Combat Perfectionism 
  • Week Six - Readiness and Recap

I believe there are three main causes for Stage Fright.  They are brought on by one's level of preparedness, fear of what others think, and the pressure we place on ourselves to be the best (perfectionism). My program takes you through in-depth tutorials on video and assessments for your progress. 

I hope my techniques save you years of discomfort and get you back to doing the things you love to do!

Please contact [email protected] for more information about the course.

Dream, Dare and Do it!

Coty Alexander

 [ Disclaimer. The Stage Fright Combat Course was created based on my own personal experience with Stagefright.  I figured out how to combat it, and I hope to help others from my personal experience.  I hope to help you. ]


A 6-week online course in combatting Stage Fright, which you can complete at your own pace. Each week has 5-10 lessons, and the course includes guides, assessments, and valuable information that help you battle your Stage Fight, Fear, and Anxiety through preparedness and battling unrealistic expectations.



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