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Insider Secrets Training Monthly features downloads of tons of cool training, articles and DIY webinars for people wanting to become a professional entertainer.  Here you will download new tutorials monthly, get how-to advice, get training, see blogs and hear podcasts, with invitations to discounted webinars, courses and seminars for the live entertainment field.


  • Training and Tutorials that come out each month.  
My Training includes things like how to edit your music and how to create a website on Wordpress.  Something new for you each month.
  • Podcasts & Blogs that include great insight and information.

My Podcasts are exclusive to entertainers and have my biggest tips for running a successful career as a performer. Podcasts are exclusive and only available as a member.

My Blog is entertainer information people ask questions about all the time.


  • Quotes

I love staying positive and create quotes related to entertainment all the time reflecting a positive outlook in Quotes.  

  • Artist Tips

Artists Tips Section for highlights of specific entertainer dilemmas and their answers 


  • Interviews

On the Edge of Entertainment Interviews Full Interviews and Tips for Entertainers by Entertainers.

  • Resources

My Resources section is my compilation of informative research that I've done about things that pertain to showbiz.

  • Discounts

Discounts include the special of the month.  If you can take advantage of these discounts your membership will pay for itself.

Become the entertainer you want to become!  Learn from someone who has performed over 12,000 shows for over a half million people.  Everything from onstage, to behind the scenes, ethics, business, promo, pay scale, costumes and makeup.

This is an Insider Secrets membership page for entertainers who want to learn more about being a successful performer.

For just $9.99 each month (the price of 2 Lattes) you can become a member to receive helpful training on everything Showbiz.  This exclusive membership is the most affordable way for you to learn various things about being an entertainer, with new training every month! This is a discount on the regular price of $15.99 a month, but includes all the benefits for one full year.

You'll get free training that no-one else will get unless they purchase a course about it.  Learn the things you need to know to become successful performer. 

Again, what you'll get:

  • Insider Secrets
  • Training
  • Valuable resources
  • Entertianment 

  • Access to my private Podcasts. ( $36 dollar value)

  •  $9.99 monthly offer for one full year ($50 off regular yearly price)

  •  30 days Free (13 months for 12 months pricing) 


Dream, Dare and Do it!!  

Coty Alexander

Founder of Is Yo Biz Sho Biz a school for the entertainment business!

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