The Stage Fright Combat course helps you get to the bottom of fear, anxiety,  & stage fright with over 40 videos, workbooks, tools, and assessments giving you techniques and insights to build your confidence & lessen your fear. You'll learn more about yourself and about becoming prepared, enabling you to feel comfortable getting on a stage to perform or to speak publicly. 



Coty Alexander is the founder Is Yo Biz Sho Biz and a full-time Live Performer on stages worldwide. Now, with a Masters in Education, she combined her two loves, Entertainment and Education, to create training, online courses, and resources to help people who want to get into showbiz!

"As a performer on stages, I had stage fright for the first 8 years of my performance journey because I didn't do anything about it. I had to experience the agony for years, and it held me back!  I've been there and know when it changed for me, and believe me when I say everything has changed for me now!" 

contact: [email protected]