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The Stage Fright Combat course has over 40 videos giving you insight into your stage fright and how to combat it.

Whether you are a singer, actor, public speaker, or someone who's shy, I can help you lessen your fear and your stage fright. I've helped many people get over their stage fright!  

Take it from someone who had stage fright and got hired as a headliner in a major show on the Las Vegas Strip. I learned how to work through my anxiety night after night for years because I had no choice.  It was my job to be on stage. Then one day I figured out what was actually causing my Stage Fright, and it ended the cycle of fear.  

I got a Master's degree in the field of Education during my performance years. I became so inspired to help others get through their Stage Fright that I created my new business Is Yo Biz Sho Biz with my first product being the Stage Fright Combat course.

This course can help anyone with fear and anxiety by delving into the causes for you and gives you tricks to cope, while helping you understand a new way to look at things.  Usually, internal fears drive our anxiety.  We'll look at this in-depth.

If you're willing to do the work, you can learn the skills to combat it by practice and also by establishing a new mindset. A lot of fears are driven by certain beliefs that are not always correct, and most of the time they are working against us leading us to anxiety.  It is usually wrong thinking practices that we create ourselves causing bad habits. Try something new.

Aside from the 40 videos available to view, there are assessments to see how you're doing, workbooks to take with you, and if you prefer to read rather than watch that's included as well. My platform is built on one of the best websites for education and can be accessed on your phone or tablet as well, so it's easy to use! What's great is that it is always here in your account and you can go at your own pace and revisit for life.

Please help yourself. The sooner the better.  If you are not satisfied with the results after taking the course, I offer a satisfaction guarantee!! You can reach me for questions about the course at [email protected]

Dream, Dare & Do it!

  • 5-10 lessons per week
  • 6 weeks of video
  • Assessments after each week
  • Workbooks and Audio included
  • Access to the course from a computer, phone, or tablet
  • Read along or watch

[ Disclaimer. The Stage Fright Combat Course was created based on my personal experience with Stagefright.  I figured out how to combat it, and as an educator and entertainer, I hope to help others combat Stage Fright.

What People Are Saying:

I'm a Singer/Songwriter who loves to work in the studio but for those jobs I had to get on stage for I dreaded it because I had stage fright. Before I took Coty's course I'd be sick the day of. I hated every minute of it. It was never any fun. The Stage Fright Combat Course explains how to get out of your own way and out of your head. It helped me tackle it. I got to tap into the realness and get all the noise out of the way. It was really comforting to learn from someone who performs all the time tell me how to get rid of it.

Tricia Battani

Coty is a very detailed, experienced, and organized professional person who works very well in individual and group contributions. She is fun to be around and creates a positive attitude in any environment she is in. I highly recommend her, not only is she talented, consistent , and dependable she always strives to do her best in whatever she sets out to do. Coty would be an asset to any performer. Natalie Pyper Fashion Design | continued education at Bottega | Inventor Entrepreneur kids stem toy

Natalie Pyper

I've known Coty for a number of years both personally and professionally and aside from a being a exceptional performer she's hard working and dedicated to her craft. I would highly recommend her as the true professional she is and as a great performer and a very gifted talent Entertainment Consultant & Management at Ultimate Entertainment Services

Paul Lochrichio